Creative Director: Stacey Bigg
Location: Brisbane 


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Kalaii Creations is a creative design brand developed by Stacey Bigg in 2016. Stacey specializes in textile and surface design, graphic design and water colour prints with a focus on Tropical and Boho inspired artwork. Stacey enjoys working along side creative brands (e.g. swimwear designers and chandlers) to help bring their product, logo and branding ideas to life. Stacey also hosts a number of creative workshops in conjunction with Workshop Brisbane and The Craft Parlour.  

Online Cushion Tutorial Videos

Overview of Tutorial.

1) Make a Slip knot and cast on 10 stitches (loops) This is your first row
2) Once you have created your first row, you will grab each end with your hands and form it into a circle shape in front of you. As you will knit in a circlular shape - in an ANTICLOCKWISE direction
3) We will need to connect the two ends of the circle together. To do this - You will then insert your hand into the top of the stitch (left top part of the circle), and pull through the working yarn to create a new stitch or loop. This will create your second row of the cushion. You will repeat this step into each stitch, pulling through the working yarn to create new stitches in your second row.
4) Continue repeating these steps until you have created 3 rows of stitches.
5) Once you have three rows it is time close your circle, which will form one of the front sides of the cushion.
6) Take a piece of thread about 30cm to be safe and insert this into every stitch (from the back to the front) Do all 10 stitches the same way. Pull the thread tight. This will draw the stitches in to close them. The tie the thread into a double knot. Push the thread through to the back of the pillow (hiding it from view)
7) Continue knitting into each stitch in a circular pattern, building your rows. When you have knitted approx. 5-6 rows flip your work over and continue knitting. This time in a CLOCKWISE direction helps the cushion build upwards (instead of flat ways)
8) Build approx 10 rows (you may need more or less depending on your stitch size)
9) Place your cushion insert into the middle of your work and fold up the work to see if you have done enough rows to cover the insert. Each of your stitches should meet in the middle if it is ready to close. If so, it is time to close your pillow)
10) Take the tail of your work and thread it through each stitch from back to front. Then pull on the tail in a draw string effect. This will close off the pillow, and hide the tail by threading it through the stitches in the middle of your cushion.

Welcome to the DIY Center of Kalaii Creations


How to Make a Chunky Knit Cushion Tutorial

You can also purchase your own DIY Chunky Knit Kit from my online store!

The DIY Cushion Kit Includes:

  • 750g of your chosen colour merino wool
  • 30cm round cushion insert
  • 1 x piece bakers twine
  • Access to this online Tutorial Video
  • Visual Instruction Aids
  • Ongoing Support. If you need help please contact us.

You will also need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Flat or smooth surface to knit from (not necessary, but will help to prevent wool pilling)
  • You can also access the video at the following location:

Helpful Tips

  • Twist the wool as you work - this will help to prevent pilling.
  • Keep your stitches similiar in size as you work (about 4-5cm high)
  • Keep your stitches close together by following my little trick mentioned in the video.
I hope you find this tutorial helpful! It is my very first time recording video tutorials, as normally I teach in person! I would be grateful for any tips, suggestions or feedback if you feel I could make this better in any way. Should you need any further support please don’t hesitate to contact me via my contact page, or via instagram. I hope you enjoy the experience!
— Stacey - Kalaii Creations