Creative Director: Stacey Bigg
Location: Brisbane 


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Kalaii Creations is a creative design brand developed by Stacey Bigg in 2016. Stacey specializes in textile and surface design, graphic design and water colour prints with a focus on Tropical and Boho inspired artwork. Stacey enjoys working along side creative brands (e.g. swimwear designers and chandlers) to help bring their product, logo and branding ideas to life. Stacey also hosts a number of creative workshops in conjunction with Workshop Brisbane and The Craft Parlour.  

Chunky Knit Cushion


Chunky Knit Cushion

Chunky Knit Merino Cushion
Cushion Colours.jpg
Chunky Knit Cushion
Cushion 2.jpg
Chunky Knit Merino Cushion
Cushion Colours.jpg
Chunky Knit Cushion
Cushion 2.jpg

Chunky Knit Cushion


40cm Round Merino Wool Chunky Knit Cushion

Made to Order

**Please refer to colour chart for your preferred colour. You will be prompted to specify which colour you would like to purchase during the ordering process.

100 % Australian Merino Wool - 19 Micron

Range of Colour Options available

***If you would like a colour that is not listed please contact us and we can arrange this for you***

Chunky knit cushions are made to order. Processing time from order until dispatch is approximately 2 weeks.

International Enquiries- please don't hesitate to contact us for a postage quote.
Image credit @the_craft_parlour

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Handle your cushion gently. Excessive wear and tear, abrasive surfaces, as well as sharp items should be avoided as this can catch on the yarn, damaging the overall integrity.


Some shedding and pilling will occur naturally.
You can remove small sections of pilling by hand. Just be sure to be gentle and pull off in the direction of the wool

No matter how tidy your home is your cushion is likely to attract pet hair, dust and lint be sure to give your cushion a good shake off from time to time.

Clean stains immediately. Run stained area under cold water using a wool safe washing detergent where needed. After cleaning, wrap area in two towels and give a gentle squeeze. Then place on a flat surface (somewhere airy) and flip cushion periodically until dry all over.

**Dry cleaning is recommended**

DO NOT USE warm/hot water, or this will cause shrinkage and felting.


This beautiful quality merino wool (19 Micron) is bulky and holds air better than other fibres and as such has wonderful insulation properties.
Very low allergenic


Sizes are approximate due to the hand made nature of each knit/style. There is also some stretch in the stitches.